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This Discussion Paper series disseminates high-quality research by participants of the annual International PPE Conference to the scientific community and the interested public. 

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2019-08Fischer, SarahThe Fault Lines of Framing
2019-07Lin, LillyUnderstanding of the right-wing
politics in the United States (US) from a gender perspective
2019-06Keller, LeoAn Exploration of the Contextual Influences on Occupational Choice for Youth in Disadvantaged Communities
2019-05Hoffmann, JonathanOn Justifying Institutions for the Future
2019-04Calderon, ClarissaHow Google Creates What We Know
2019-03Acinapura, AntonellaFraming Reality Shifting the Tactic
2019-02Rehkeamper, AlexandraDemocratic Backsliding in the EU


Ritter, Alexander

Nudging via Big Data


2018-10Apostolakoudis, ThanasisReclaiming growth. The delusion of cumulative growth, the semantics of degrowth and the case for eugrowth (ευ+ growth).
2018-09Merkle, MagnusGesellschaftliche Implikationen einer säkularen Stagnation (in German)
2018-07Ferhi, SabrineThe relationship amongst public debt and economic growth in developing country case of Tunisia.
2018-06Ball, ElenaPerceptions of risk and risky decision-making – what matters?
2018-05Dory, AnnaGrowth versus Degrowth: Relocalization as an Impediment to Equality in a Post-growth Society
2018-04Pfeil, Katharina & Weser, HenrietteThe degrowth of work time: A concept with an ordoliberal orientation?
2018-03Hermeto, João RomeiroCritique of Growth and Degrowth Ideology: From Developed to Undeveloped countries.
2018-02Kumbun, Lanung TuCan Myanmar be Prosperous without Democratic Political Institutions?
2018-01Park, ClaireHow Degrowth Does Not Grow Equity: Normative Justifications for Redistribution Within Degrowth Literature


2016-10Uzunova, MarinaVoting power and fair representation: Back to basics
2016-09von Stein, RobinaElectronic civil disobedience: Current digital protests in defence of privacy right
2016-08Semenov, AndrejThe Quest for the State Legitimacy: Between the State Authority and Citizens’ Rights
2016-07Lentzler, Tobias and Vollmer, LeonOn Mistrust and Legitimacy.
The Justification of Reforms in Latvia
2016-06Komshukova, OlgaLegitimacy, repressions and cooptation: the keys to strengthening autocracy under the sanctions
2016-05Ilyin, MikhailTransdisciplinary legitimation of critical thinking in academia
2016-04Evers, LudwigConceptualizing political legitimacy: A comparative analysis of the Turkish Justice and Development Party from 2002 until 2015
2016-03Chipperfield, TimThe Legitimacy of Private Standard Setting for Sustainable Textiles: Perspectives from Bangladesh and Europe
2016-02Breuer, MirianIgnorance, Competition, and Jurisdictions: How Jurisdictional Competition can foster Learning and Discovery about Citizens’ Needs
2016-01Adbayo, WaidiGovernance and Legitimacy Crisis
In Africa in the 21st Century