The PPE-List is an interactive platform in the form of a mailing list. It also serves as a resource for students, academics and practitioners in the interdisciplinary field of Philosophy, Politics and Economics and was built on the momentum of the 1st International PPE Conference where participants expressed the need to connect as a global community.

Within this community many bridges are built between theory and practice, between different disciplines and between different schools of thought leading to growth; as such it creates the necessary impetus for the creation of a cohesive and sustainable PPE network.

What is PPE?

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) is a study program, a field of research, a mindset and context of rethinking. Key attributes that we associate with PPE are interdisciplinarity and rethinking. It is about describing a problem from multiple perspectives or paradigms, seeing the bigger picture.

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Witten/Herdecke University hosts this interactive platform, in keeping with its standing as an innovative academic institution that seeks new forms for outdated academic structures. The PPE-List is representative of the University’s striving to make available topical research to both its immediate environment and global community.

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