During a lecture: all participants listen to the contribution of the lecturer and someone raises his hand to ask a question


A student led, interdisciplinary, academic conference that takes place once a year.

Participants will discuss and review submitted student papers, receive input from expert keynote speakers and grow a network of interdisciplinary thinkers in the field of Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

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Never heard of Witten before?

The city of Witten is located in the heart of the so-called "Ruhrpott", a former industrial area and the biggest metropolitan region in Germany. Due to the close proximity to the city of Dortmund and the good connection to Düsseldorf and Cologne, life in Witten offers its 100.000 inhabitants (and 2.500 students) a wide range of activities as well as, surprisingly, a lot of nature and the necessary quiteness to concentrate on one's studies.  

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Witten! :)

The yellow municipal building of Witten in the background and the city's market square in the background

The municipal building of Witten ©WITTEN.DE