Generation on the EDGE: Environment, Democracy, Globalization and Economics

The 8th International PPE Conference 2024 is a student-led initiative aimed at fostering an inclusive platform for students and scholars from diverse backgrounds. This event serves as a space to share and discuss ideas and knowledge pertaining to global issues that have far-reaching implications on contemporary societies. We are extending this invitation as much to esteemed scholars such as yourself as to our fellow students, recognizing your unique perspective and valuable contributions to the field.

The theme of this year's conference is "Generation on the EDGE (Economics, Democracy, Globalization, and Ecology)." As we navigate through a rapidly changing society, marked by uncertainties and challenges, it becomes imperative to gather insights from leading minds in various disciplines. The issues of climate change, economic inequality, political polarization, global health crises, technological disruption, political instability, migration, and more are at the forefront of our discussions. 

Our aim is to debate, educate, network, but most importantly to try and reflect on the current global issues. This way we hope to foster critical thinking that can lead to new ideas and help our generation, currently waiting on the "EDGE" of expectations about the future, to be the solution instead of the problem.