The 7th PPE conference offers some ticketing options :

Early birds: If you are a PPE fanatic, this should be your obvious choice. Early bird comes with special perks including a 15% discount and a handwritten postcard from the team! However, there is only a limited number of tickets available. In case you don't find the option of an early bird ticket, we are afraid it might already run out! But no worries, there might be other options left :)

By the way, Early birds are out from the 6th of June already! Go and get your them before it gets late đź‘€

Group Ticket (3 persons): In case you know like-minded people that enjoy PPE talks, why not include them in the ticket purchase process by saving more than 23%. Or, in case names don't pop up in your head, you can join some WhatsApp groups or even contact us so that we can arrange a group ticket for you!

Group Ticket (5 persons): Same concept with a better discount of 30%! It sounds as if you might need to know some other PPE geeks to get this option, or maybe be a bit social! But don't worry, we can of course help you out in case you want this ticket but don't know that many people yet!

You can get the ticket of your choice here

We want to be as inclusive as possible, so if you have a good reason why you cannot afford the ticket price or/and the travel costs - please contact us and we will try and find a solution together.