Meet the Team 2024

Bonu Kafizova


"It is exciting to be part of the team to create the platform for discussing crucial societal matters from diverse perspectives, it is intellectually stimulating and promotes enhanced understanding and inclusivity."

Federica Marchianò

(content & marketing)

"For me, this conference represents a chance to feel real engagement between students, scholars and anyone interested in forging exciting collaborations on current issues that need to be addressed."

Mohammadhossein Mohammadi


‘’It's an opportunity to build lasting relationships, network, and strengthen our community ’’

Elisabeth Kampeter

(finance, logistics & marketing)

"I want to empower people to take action.
We as the future generation should shape our future."

Michaela Povincová

(content & marketing)

"It's a unique opportunity to challenge myself and to help create a safe space for people to share their ideas."

Sven Dannhorn
(finance & logistics)

"The PPEC is an exciting chance for me to take action, collaborate with incredible individuals, and actively contribute to causes I'm truly passionate about, all with the aim of making a real impact."

Moritz Ehrenreich


“To practically develop skills and connections in a way that provides value to not only us as a team, but also our student community.”

The PPE team of 2024

The PPE team of 2022

The PPE team of 2021

The PPE Team of 2020

You can see 8 members of the organizing team standing on stairs next to each other and smiling into the camera

From left to right: Miriam Ruß, Valerie Raiß, Jevan Pudota, Franziska Knubel, Kennedy Rodrigues, Bernadette Weimer, Carla Nassisi, Ramona Szymczak