The new organizing team is looking forward to welcome you at the 5th PPE Conference 2020!

The PPE Team of 2020

Group picture of the 9 members of the organizing team for the Conference 2020 who are smiling into the camera

From left to right: Florian Berth, Paula Kohlschein, Franziska Knubel, Valerie Raiß, Bernadette Weimer, Carla Nassisi, Miriam Ruß, Ramona Szymczak, Jevan Pudota

The PPE Team of 2019

Group picture of the 10 team members of the Conference 2019 outside on a green meadow

First row: Sophie Eppstein, Jonas Grunau, Franziska Klage, Sofie Rörig; Last row: Fabian Klein-Arndt, Leon Vollmer, Richard Ulrich, Ayesha Keller, Christian Walker

The PPE Team of 2018

Group picture of 7 team members of the Conference 2018 who are sitting ion the steps in front of the University

From left to right: Rudolph Matete, Julius Gunnar, Tim Schrik, Finn Schmidt, Gabriel Biering, Franziska Bleß, Carlos Mairoce. Not shown in the picture: Michel Hermsdorf, Stefania Andriolo, David Orozco, Julius Dreyer.

The PPE Team of 2017

Group picture of 5 team members of the Conference 2017 sitting on a bench

From left to right: Lea Diederichsen, Olivia Davis, Batya Blankers, Madleina Spatz, Katharina Luckner. Not shown in the picture: Anselm Houswitschka and Julian Kath.