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Privacy Policy


Whenever you access a website, your computer must identify to the server which is asked to provide the requested site. The server must "know" to whom to send the answer. So when calling up a website, your PC sends a sender address to the server. This "sender" is the IP address assigned to each single computer in the worldwide web. It is a number combination and may look like this:

The university server also has an IP address:

When you enter a destination in your browser, such as  www.ppe-conference.org  as a combination of letters, this is internally converted into the respective IP address, since computers communicate better via numbers. 

On each access to our website, the IP address assigned to your PC is registered and saved in a logging file. 

These data help us to improve our web services and identify system errors. IP addresses are counted for statistical purposes (e.g. analysis of frequency and distribution). 

No inference is made about your person. The IP address is an anonymous code figure and does not permit to determine your identity. 

As a matter of principle we do not collect personal data (like names or e-mail addresses) via our websites, unless you make such data available to us by choice (e.g. in applications) or give your consent, or legal privacy regulations explicitly permit to do so. 

In no case are IP addresses linked to other data you may have entered, e.g. on forms on our websites.

Facebook Cookies & Other Storage Technologies

Our website uses a so-called facebook cookie in connection with the Facebook Services.  Facebook is able to record and analyse access to certain websites. Your IP address for example and - if you are registered with facebook.com and logged in - your user name may be transmitted to Facebook. Ths means Facebook can link access to a website with your personal data and thus identify you, which may also mean collection of personal data. Please log out on facebook and adjust the Facebook Ad settings in your facebook account, if you would like to prevent facebook from the above mentioned data collection. You find all information on this topic on https://www.facebook.com/policies/cookies/ .