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The Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Growth & Degrowth

The 3rd International PPE Conference on the theme of Growth & Degrowth took place 6 - 8 April 2018 on the Campus of Witten/Herdecke University in Germany. This intense thought-provoking, action-inspiring weekend was enriched by the contribution of experts in degrowth, sustainable development and finance, but most importantly by student presentations. Mladen Domazet introduced the participants to the conference theme by explaining the basis from which to explore planetary energy transformations, diversity of life, cultural roots of growth veneration, vagaries of semiperipheral catch-up and sedimentation of expertise maladapted to the end of Cheap Nature. On Saturday, Jörg Rocholl highlighted the arguments in favor of sustainable and inclusive economic growth and illustrates its necessary requirements. Following, André Reichel outlined a political economy of postgrowth. On Saturday evening, Mar Michelle Häusler created a bridge between theory and practice by talking about her personal life journey, experiences and choices. How do we represent the change that we want to see in the world?

A unique aspect of the 2018 conference was in fact given by three interactive, practice-oriented workshops. Mar Michelle Häusler contributed also on Sunday with a workshop on "your personal relationship with money". Corinna Burkhart facilitated a workshop on how to put degrowth into practice in everyday life. Magdalene Silberberger explored with us why economic growth matters.

The very heart of the conference was represented by the student presentations. 11 students from Germany, Europe and across the oceansillustrated their own research on controversial topics including finance and money, public debt, ethics and equality, institutional economics, management and business economics. All discussions following the keynote speeches and the student presentations were passionate and challenging.

Blessed by the first sunny, warm weekend of the year, around 70 students from 17 different countries (Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Scotland, Greece, Tunisia, US, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa, Iran) participated in the conference, giving this event a truly international, interdisciplinary and diversified perspective.You can download the full conference program here, and read the articles of the student presenters in our Discussion Papers Series.

You can download the full conference program here, and read the articles of the student presenters in our Discussion Papers Series.

The success of the conference was made possible by the engagement of many individuals, but most importantly the Witten/Herdecke University once again showed its commitment to student research and initiative. The Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) believed in our initiative for the second year and committed as our major sponsor. Thanks to the Travel Grant donated by Netspice GmbH, it was possible to offer a travel scholarship to one student to join the conference. Triaz Group GmbH contributed towards the costs of the event. Many other generous sponsors delivered workshop material, food & drinks and give-aways. A heart-felt thank you to all our sponsors.

The 2018 Team

From left to right: Rudolph Matete, Julius Gunnar, Tim Schrik, Finn Schmidt, Gabriel Biering, Franziska Bleß, Carlos Mairoce.

Not shown in the picture: Michel Hermsdorf, Stefania Andriolo, David Orozco, Julius Dreyer.