Welcome to the International PPE Conference!

Netspice Travel Grant

We have teamed up with our sponsor Netspice and proudly present the Netspice Travel Grant.
The grant will provide you with 600€ in order to cover your travel expenses as a participant of the 3rd International PPE Conference!
You can apply now for the Netspice Travel Grant by sending your Curriculum Vitae and a Letter of Motivation by the 5th of March to participantsupport@ppe-conference.org.

In your Letter of Motivation, please answer the following questions:

  1. What do I expect from the conference?
  2. What can the conference expect from me?
  3. Why should I be granted with 600€ in order to cover my travel expenses?

A jury will evaluate your application and will choose a winner. Participants who present a paper at the conference will be favored. If you have not submitted an abstract yet, you can still send one to info@ppe-conference.org. Visit ppe-conference.org/about/content-submission/ for more information.

Netspice and the conference team are looking forward to receiving your applications!