Welcome to the International PPE Conference!

FAQ for student submissions

If my paper abstract is accepted, am I guaranteed to present?

Yes! If you have received an email from the content team saying your abstract was accepted, then you have been selected for the student paper session. Please make sure to send your full paper by February 28th and your presentation (powerpoint or other format) by March 25th.


What is the peer review process?

Your paper will be reviewed by a student panel who will then give you feedback which you can incorporate before presenting. This is an optional extra service offered by us to more closely mirror the standard procedure of academic conferences.


How long will the presentation be and in what format?

There will be a couple of parallel sessions and students can choose to attend the one that interests them most. Expect 10-20 students watching.

Please prepare a presentation of max 20 minutes and you will then have 10 minutes time for questions and answers. You will be presenting alone, not in a panel. Please send us a copy of your presentation by March 25th.


Will my work be published?

Your work will be published on our website (https://www.ppe-conference.org/submissions/discussion-paper-series/) and well as shared with all the participants in advance so they can prepare questions for your presentation. We also invite you to write a short abstract about your research to share on our social media channels.


Help! I need extra time!

We have been quite generous in our timeline to allow everyone plenty of time to finish, however if you are struggling to meet the deadline - please contact us for an extension.


Do presenters have to pay the full ticket price?

This is a student conference organised by students for students and offering you a platform for your work. We don’t charge extra for students presenting papers but we also don’t offer discounts. Most academic conferences do not offer discounts to student presenters. It is a chance for you to get feedback on your research and build on your presentation skills.

However having said that - we want to be as inclusive as possible so if you have a good reason why you cannot afford the ticket price - please contact us and we will try and find a solution.


Do presenters get travel costs subsidised?

Same as above this conference is highly subsidised through sponsors and you only pay a fraction of the ‘real price’. We cannot offer any further financial assistance for travel.


Do presenters pay accommodation costs?

No. You can opt to couch-surf. This is a service offered by fellow students from Witten/Herdecke. They will host you on their couch or spare room for free! Just tick the ‘couchsurfing’ box when you register.


You still haven’t answered my question!

In that case please email us at: info@ppe-conference.org or contact us via facebook or instagram. We’ll get straight back to you.