The Environmental State: Can Nation States Save the Planet?

Day by day we see it in the media, hear it on the news: 
winters getting colder, summers getting hotter, droughts, floods, severe sudden storms, water levels rising, ice sheets melting.
Climate change can no longer be denied. And something must be done! But who is responsible? Who is taking the first step?
In the panel discussion "The Environmental State: Can nation states save the planet?" four experts in their field will engage throughout a lively conversation to discuss issues ranging from the role of the state, banks and activists, as well as possible steps in the near future. Familiarise yourself with the topic and check out our PANEL LITERATURE LIST

The Panelists

Dr. Amanda Machin

Lina Gobbelé - Fridays for Future

Nicolás Águila

Prof. Dr. Joachim Zweynert