IMPORTANT: The PPE Conference is postponed to 4th - 6th September 2020. We will soon upload the new   conference schedule with informative keynotes, interactive workshops and an interdisciplinary panel discussion. Stay tuned and - most importantly - stay healthy!


Keynote speaker

Dr. Nina Schneider

Prof. Darrel Moellendorf

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Magdalene Silberberger

Dr. Kai Koddenbrock


Industrial policy in a changing world order – The case of China, US and Europe 

Simulating the UNFCCC - Climate change & roles of stakeholders

Beyond the label: You think you know Fairtrade?

The linguistic framings and concepts of Global North and Global South

Climate change & migration: 'Hooray, the world will perish!'

Beyond the Binary: Imagining Global South Urbanism in Postcolonial Times

Panel discussion "Peace & security in a shifting world order"

Current conflicts and civil wars involving both countries of the Global North and Global South highlight the high relevance to discuss the diverse dimensions of peace and security and the roles of politicians, organizations and civilians in the process of global peacebuilding at our interdisciplinary conference!

Our aim is to connect the following questions to the overall conference topic of global justice and responsibilities:

What are the main sources of conflicts? What impact does the rising power of the Global South has on international conflict-solving and the justification of Western interventions? Do we therefore need to critically overthink the role of international organizations like the UN? What core principles must peacebuilding be based on to secure a sustainable reconciliation and global peace? What role does trust, cooperation and dialogue play in the prevention of conflicts?

There will be three experts participating in the panel discussion who we invite to firstly give academic input about their current research and about their personal perspective on peace and security from both a theoretical and practical perspective.  Subsequently, the experts will engage in an open and interactive discussion that also allows the students to participate and present their perspectives. After the discussion, the students will be given the chance to personally talk to the invited experts, exchange further perspectives or receive some additional background information about the topic and the current research in a more informal atmosphere.

As we are still in the intense planning process we will publish the names of the invited experts soon.