Welcome to the 5th International PPE Conference 2020!

Is the Global North – Global South concept still relevant? Does it explain inequalities and dependencies in our modern world? Who is going to carry the burden of climate change? Is development aid morally justifiable?
How can peace and security be equally distributed among all global citizens?

The 5th International PPE Conference offers an academic platform to approach these questions and to critically analyse the divide between the so-called Global North and Global South, raising questions around world-scale justice and responsibility.

This will be achieved in the first place by questioning the linguistics, the history and the academic use of the Global North-Global South concept. Subsequently, the general drivers of world-scale inequality will be examined together with their relevant causes and implications. In particular, those regarding some key challenges, such as
climate change, development aid, migration and the distribution of global public goods will be deeply
investigated in relation to the core topic.