The PPE conference EVENT ✨

The event took place at Unikat, on the 8th of July, 2022
It was fun and full of surprises! 

The event raised discusssions about several heated PPE topics .

Teams of 4 to 6 people were assembled to constitute a specific ideology (communists, liberals ... ) and they needed to play this respective role whether or not they "really" held those ideals and beliefs.

The decor brought up aspects of surfing, such as the blue color, to always keep in mind the metaphor of surfing on crisis of the 7th PPE conference topic .

The quiz touched chronological and decisive themes. Naturally, these topics had "the crisis" connotation, that served as their major common point.

The quiz was an initiator to exchanges and nurtured points of disagreements between not only different teams but also among and inside each team, while ensuring  a "subtle" humour touch all over the process, thanks to Robin, our favourite quizmaster! đŸ‘€

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