Welcome to the International PPE Conference!


Transformation: Knowledge, Power, Wealth

The 2017 International PPE Conference was filled with 15 student paper presentations that explored the links between knowledge, power and wealth and showed how rewarding it is to go after one’s own questions.

The conference was framed by 4 Keynote Lectures that gave valuable input on power-relations in the corporate as well as the academic world, on the evil nature of time and those who exploit our boredom and on the relevance of an historical embeddedness of economic theory.

The fish-bowl discussion format enabled all participants, experts and young scholars to engage debates and share their knowledge and thoughts. 


Once again the lively exchange of students and scholars attending the conference showed the value of bringing together different perspectives and continuing to build the PPE network.

The conference was made possible by the support of many individuals but most importantly the Witten/Herdecke University once again showed their commitment to student research and initiatives. Sponsoring from INET (Institute for New Economic Thinking) enabled us to invite keynote speakers from afar and ensured that we could reach our objective; providing a diverse and top-class academic experience for students from around the world.

The conference took place from April 21st to 23rd on the Campus of Witten/Herdecke University in Germany. 

Click here to see the full Conference Programme.

The 2017 Team

From left to right: Lea Diederichsen, Olivia Davis, Batya Blankers, Madleina Spatz, Katharina Luckner. 

Not shown in the picture: Anselm Houswitschka and Julian Kath.