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The Philosophy Politics and Economics of Growth and Degrowth

When: 6 – 8 April 2018

Where: Witten/Herdecke University, Germany

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For our third conference, we will focus on an interdisciplinary approach to the concept of economic growth contrasted to contesting notions such as sustainable development, green growth and degrowth, among others. The debate will be placed in relation to research and political decisions that shape the current landscape. In addition, philosophical reflections of questions on responsibility, feasibility or power relations are indispensable.

Traditionally, most governments have structured their macroeconomic policy around the notion of economic growth, mostly because of the perceived gains in terms of general social well-being and extended power. Indeed, economic growth has been positively correlated to key social indicators such as infant mortality, years of education, employment and unemployment rates, life expectancy, among others. However, much debate has revolved around the finitude of the natural resources and the excessive degree to which our productive system threatens the sustainability of our environment. On this regard, many would argue that the whole conception of economic growth conflicts with the very ideal of living in a sustainable productive system. As a response to the perceived contradictions, alternative conceptions are attracting, increasingly, new proponents.

Proponents of one of such alternatives, degrowth, denounce that the current models of living, supported by economic growth and consumerism, are not viable and ecologically feasible. Degrowth scholars have consistently maintained that the so-called sustainable development and the green growth alternatives are not realistic, because they do not solve the major problem, which is the degradation of the environment.

We welcome applications from students and scholars from all over the world who work in an interdisciplinary setting. By creating a vibrant, interactive environment we aim to explore these topics further. Selected papers will be reviewed by peers, providing comments and feedback in preparation for the paper sessions. All students and researchers who present their research will benefit from an innovative format that allows for open and interdisciplinary discussion.

The scientific committee will consider all topically relevant submitted papers, which fulfill our submission guidelines. Based on the presentations at the conference, the scientific committee will give out an award for best paper.

We particularly encourage you to develop your own thoughts on the theme, to connect your current seminar work with the conference topic … and to submit your own paper! We are looking forward to your ideas!

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