Welcome to the International PPE Conference!


Day One

The PPE Conference team welcomes all participants, presenters and helping hands to Witten! We enjoy having you here and hope you have a great time, engaging conversations and create memories that will stay with you for a long time!

The head of Witten/Herdecke's PPE programm, Prof. Dr. Joachim Zweynert,welcomes all participants to the conference.
Our head of Content talks to two of our Key Note speakers: Dr. Viola Nordsieck and Dr. Gudrun Reijnierse.

Dr. Eric Wallis on: "Framing in Politics and Journalism"

Dr. Eric Wallis talks about the use of framing in politics and journalism populism. His work in the field, working with Greenpeace and the regional RAA centre for democratic culture against right-wing extremism and right-wing populism in Vorpommern-Greifswal especisally made for an engaging talk that lend itself well for further discussion both inside the auditorium and outside of it.

Diving into the questions and answer sessions straight away!

Discussions start during the question and answer sessions and continue until late at night.

Day Two

Dr. Gudrun Reijnierse on: “Linguistic Aspects of (figurative) Framing”

The first key note of the day: Dr. Gudrun Reijnierse gives a talk on the linguistic aspects of framing, covering the basic forms of framing, as well as focusing on metaphors and how they shape the way we perceive the world.

When it comes to organizing a successful conference, motivated participants make your job so much easier.

Music never fails to lighten up the mood - or catch a crowd's attention for that matter.

Dr. Amanda Machon on: "Framing the Climate: constant vs. catastrophe"

The second key note of the day: Dr. Amanda Machin gives a talk on the relevance of framing in the climate change debate.

Fuel for the body is as essential to fruitfull discussions as interesting talks - an at this year's conference, no one had to go hungry.

Participants socializing in between talks.

The Student Paper sessions

The student paper presentations were truly the heart of our conference. The topics were as diverse as the participants themselves, ranging from the biases of internet algorithms to the awareness of different frames in the work of occupational therapist with young people from dissadvantaged communities.

The Student Poster Session

The student poster session in a World Café setting was a new format this year's conference team intoduced to the PPE Conference. Participants were encouraged to grab a cup of coffee and a piece of cake and walk around the great hall to look at the posters and talk to the presenters.  Posters are a very common sight at natural science conferences and the social sciences are starting to recognise the benefits. It is also a great format for participants to get a brief introduction to a range of topics with the freedom to dive into the subjects that interest them the most.

Dr. Viola Nordsieck on: "Could we care less? Classist framings in today's political language"

In her talk, Dr. Viola Nordsiek shared her perspective on the effects of framing on class structures and the inherent power structures of society. An engaging discussion with the audience about the nature of privilige and sterotypes in framing followed.

Day Three

Prof. Dr. Dirk Sauerland on: "Wanted and Unwanted Framing Effects in Economics"

In his keynote, Witten's very own Prof. Dr. Dirk Sauerland shed light on the "E" in PPE by giving us insight into the economic persepctive on framing. With his expertize in behavioral economics and a healthy dose of dry wit, he was able to capture the undevided attention of all participants, even in the early hours of a Sunday morning.

The Workshops

The workshops gave all participants a chance to apply the things they had discovered and discussed over the past two days to use. They had the choicce between five topics: "Nonviolent Communication", "A practical journey into our thinking experience", "Framing your arguments: What do you think we are talking about?", "Commercial use of framing" and "Resisting the Frames? Climate Protests and Counter-Conduct".

The Closing Session

In Germany, we have a saying: "to say Goodbye with one weeping and one smiling eye."

The conference was a joy, one that ended all too soon. We learned a lot, benefitted immensely from a host of different perspectives and hopefully will be a little more aware of the different frames we use and that are used around us in the future.

During the closing session, a number of initiatives, among them our friends from the Bayreuther Dialoge, presented their agenda. And then, all to soon, we said our Goodbyes. (And "See you again next year!"s)

Thank you to all participants! See you next year!